Education in the Throes of the Pandemic: Digital Pedagogical Responses of Visual Arts during the Covid-19 Lockdown in Nigeria

  • Austine Emifoniye Department of Creative Arts University of Lagos, Nigeria
Keywords: Covid-19, Lockdown, Artists, Innovation, Practice, Learning, Teaching


Starting with a series of conspiracy theories on social media and the attendant apprehension
generated by a forced lockdown on the economy-cum-restriction of movement, COVID-19
arrived Nigeria in “grand style”. Many businesses were forced to fold up, downsize or
reinvent to remain relevant within the economy. Educational institutions witnessed a
complete lockdown as students were instructed to stay at home until further notice, while
alternative learning modes were devised. In the visual arts, the lockdown triggered an array
of responses, adapting existing digital tools in art teaching, mentorship and practice. This
paper discusses some of these under three headings, namely; art business and management,
art exhibitions, and technology-driven art practice. Using participant observation and
unstructured interviews, the study examines the form, content, mode of delivery and impact of
the pedagogy. The analysis shows significant impact as viable teaching and mentorship
modules in the visual arts that should be retained in continuum. The paper adds to our
knowledge, the impactful free online teaching and mentoring programs on art, organized by
individuals in Nigeria during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Author Biography

Austine Emifoniye, Department of Creative Arts University of Lagos, Nigeria

Department of Creative Arts
University of Lagos, Nigeria