Wider Message Coverage: How Far has Music and Cartoon Animations Helped during the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown among the Low-Income Earners in Lagos, Nigeria?

  • Florence Nweke University of Lagos
Keywords: Message, Music, Cartoon Animations, Low-Income Residents


Managing information outbreak during the COVID-19 Pandemic was one of the concerns of
the Federal Government of Nigeria through the different social media platforms. Daily
information dispensing details of death from COVID-19 raises concern about staying alive.
However, hope was not lost as different channels of creating awareness for COVID-19
prevention were made available via the arts. This study, examines how wide the information
on awareness about preventive measures on COVID-19 gets to the residents of the multitenanted apartments in Lagos, Nigeria. The study uses an online survey via Twitter and a
questionnaire; the study sought answers to the research questions that examine if previous
epidemic outbreaks receive more comprehensive coverage using music, examining the roles
of music and cartoon animation in creating awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic
lockdown. The study finds out that music and cartoon animations played the significant role
of sensitization; of particular interest was the music that tells a story of hand-washing, using
hand sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing. This was evident in a cartoon animation
aired over the Cable News Network (CNN) and also, the cartoon animation produced during
this research project served the purpose of awareness. The respondents also affirmed further
that music brings a positive vibe adding that, positive emotions were displayed when people
listen to music. The researchers created the level of awareness primarily when jingles and
cartoon animations were produced in respondents. This study expresses the belief that music
and cartoon animation served the dual purpose of information awareness and social

Author Biography

Florence Nweke, University of Lagos

Senior Lecturer

Department of Creative Arts